French Desk

Dunning Rievman & MacDonald represents clients in corporate, transactional, employment and dispute resolution matters with a connection to any French-speaking jurisdiction.  Our French Desk is led by Robert C. MacDonald.

We represent French companies and individuals in their US landing and expansion.  Some of our attorneys are French speakers with professional experience in France and other French-speaking countries, bringing years of experience in civil law jurisdictions.  We understand the challenges that French-speaking clients face when navigating the U.S. and international legal landscapes.

It is around this understanding that we have built our French-speaking practice.  We offer in-depth knowledge and experience on the cultural and economic differences between the different countries and between their respective legal systems.  Our background, which provides a unique understanding of factors that drive French clients, permits us not only to devise individualized, narrowly tailored solutions but also to achieve highly effective and cost-efficient client communications.

Where the representation calls for it, we cooperate with experienced local counsel in French-speaking jurisdictions, elsewhere in the U.S. and, generally, abroad to offer a one-stop-solution to meeting our clients’ every legal need.

We also have significant capabilities to help our clients resolve their legal needs in various other jurisdictions (see our Spanish Desk and our Turkish Desk).