LLM Externship Program

Role description:

We look to fill one externship position in each of our international desks for each school semester.  The firm’s externship program is aimed at providing first-hand experience working at a U.S. law firm to foreign-qualified attorneys and LLM students.

We make every effort to give our externs an experience as close as we can to that of a new associate.  We aim to involve our externs in our attorneys’ daily activities and tasks, providing exposure, when possible, to client meetings, negotiations and interactions with counterparties, courtroom sessions, and arbitration hearings.


We are looking for individuals who are talented, motivated, proactive and have a strong work ethic.  We are not looking for specific experience or background but we do require that our externs are proficient in English and native speakers of the language of the international desk they are applying to.

If you are interested in applying for an extern position, please send an email to the attention of Damián Vallejo at careers@drmlaw.com, including your resume and a cover letter. Please make sure to mention which of the firm’s international desk are you interested in.